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Logos & Styleguides

The image of your company is vital. Every company, no matter the size, should have a professional set of logos suitable for all mediums and applications along with an agreed set of fonts, colours and design rules (a styleguide). These logos and styleguide can then be provided to anyone who creates content for your company, be it in-house staff or even out-sourced graphic designers, agencies and web-developers. This allows your company image to remain consistent and professional whenever it presents itself.

Get in touch to have a chat about how we can create or improve your branding.

MyProperties Logo White.png
Logo Human.png
The Gardens Logo White.png
Vichara Logo Horizontal Reversed.png
Optima RGB.png
2 AG Logo Reversed.png
Logo mystock.png
3 Iyara Logo Horizontal.png
MyProperties Brand Guidelines.jpg
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